[Pmwiki-users] image upload

Georg Seifert georg.seifert
Fri Sep 10 05:22:41 CDT 2004


I?m very short using pmwiki but I like it very much.

I like to set up a page for people that aren?t so used to computer. So 
my question: Is ti somehow possible to simplify the process of 
uploading images? I thought about having an upload button in the edit 
page. You can choose a file, upload it and the "Attach:filename.xxx" is 
automatically set at the current cursor position?
   In this procedure you have to type in the upload password (after 
pressing the upload button) and than the edit password again but that 
is much easier than going to the upload page, upload the image, 
remember the filename, go to the edit page, forgot the filename 
meanwhile ......

I would have made it myself but my PHP knowledge...


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