[Pmwiki-users] Cache system with PmWiki

Alexandre Courbot Alexandre.Courbot
Fri Sep 10 07:27:54 CDT 2004

> That might be workable.  It'd be useful to go through the existing list
> of markups and see which ones would be candidates for being processed
> at edit time.  

Since most other CMS and Wikis have opted for this solution, I think 
it's workable as well. Coupled with the ability for extensions to 
register their markup as depending on a file, of course (as I said in my 
previous mail)

> Actually, one of the things that currently takes a fair bit of time 
> is the fact that PmWiki reads a page's entire history into memory
> even if it's not going to be used.  The page history needs to be read
> for post, diff, and restore operations, but not much else.  So I'm
> planning to modify the page storage so the history is written
> last, and so there's an option to read a page without reading its
> history.  One PmWiki user reported that this provided a significant
> (factor of 10x) speed up in displaying pages.

Oh my, it does? Of course, I'm not surprised to hear that this would 
significantly speed things up.

> In the meantime, I'm going to introduce a couple of variables to 
> display the time needed to process a page and to process the markup.  
> We can use this information to tune things a fair bit, or at least make
> sure we're optimizing the correct places.

That would very be cool indeed.

Alexandre Courbot
PhD Student - LIFL/RD2P

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