[Pmwiki-users] Publishing a part of your wiki -- Experience using PmWiki

chr@home.se chr
Tue Sep 14 12:30:22 CDT 2004

How can you let other people see only some of your wiki pages, without 
letting them see too much?

I've used the wiki to create documents that I later want to show to
outside people, e.g. consultants. In this case I do not want to give them
access to the entire wiki. Here I've run into several problems and have
not found a very good solution. So far I've create a separate directory on
the web server to where I've copied documents that they can download.
Sometimes I've even taken a wiki trail and converted into PDF so that they
can download it from there. But then you loose the linking capabilities of

Ideally I would like to be able to create a separate "public" wiki that I
give outsiders access to, via some password. This wiki should only show a
subset of the pages in the main wiki, but it can definitely not show the
same sidebar (that would reveal too much). It may also be important that
changes cannot propagate from this wiki to the original pages -- I'm
ambivalent to allowing outsiders to edit pages in the "public" wiki, but
there might be occasions when it is desirable.

As for links in the "public" wiki, I think that links going to pages that
have not been made public should optionally not be shown as links. A
consequence of this is that the public wiki shouldn't be able to show the
source of pages -- this could otherwise reveal more than you want. Is the
source directive password protected?


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