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Pierre ROUZEAU pierre
Tue Sep 14 13:38:32 CDT 2004


Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

>On Tue, Sep 14, 2004 at 01:04:21AM +0200, Pierre ROUZEAU wrote:
>You can use the $WikiWordPagePathFmt variable to specify the set of
>groups where WikiWords are searched.  By default this is set as
>   $WikiWordPagePathFmt =  array('$Group.$1','$1.$1');
>which says to look for a page in the current group, and next in a group
>with the same name as the page.  You can set this variable in config.php
>to specify any set of groups you wish, thus
>   $WikiWordPagePathFmt = array('$Group.$1', 'A.$1', 'B.$1', 'C.$1', '$1.$1');
>says to look first in the current group, then in group A, then group B,
>then group C, and finally in a group with the same name as the page.
It does works, many thanks, it was a  showstopper for me (because the 
whole Wiki structure depends of the answer), so now i'll start 
implementation of my site.

Is it possible to have some sort  of command like :

$WikiWordPagePathFmt = array('$Group.$1', [[GroupList]]); 

To be able to have the namespace covering the whole Wiki ?

>The purpose of separate groups was to make it easier to use a single
>wiki to keep track of multiple independent projects and not have to
>worry about name collisions.  For example, at my University we had
>different committees using the wiki, but ran into problems when separate
>committees both wanted a page called "MeetingMinutes" or "September13Notes".
Yes, it is clear that i want to use groups at a lower level than your 
initial intent.
But i think there is a need for some  data organisation , as shows the  
frequent request for subgroups, which seems a hot topic here.
In fact my Wiki being  small, i  wish  to use Groups as others  use 
SubGroups, which rises the problem of NameSpace.



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