[Pmwiki-users] Re: notifications

chr@home.se chr
Wed Sep 15 06:09:34 CDT 2004

On Wed, 15 Sep 2004, Thomas N.Burg wrote:

> is there a way to send notification for files uploaded?

I don't know, but it sounds like a good idea. (It shouldn't be to diffult 
to add I suspect).

Speaking of notifications, something that I've missed is being able to 
'subscribe' to changes without having to modify config.php.

It would be nice being able to add a directive directly to the page in 
question, or to a separate (group specific?) page that controls this 
behaviour. I've found that when I have to do it using config.php it feels 
like too much of a bother, so I don't do it.

Btw, slightly related, has anyone done a cookbook extension that provides
an RSS-feed listing modified pages?


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