[Pmwiki-users] Re: Typesetting math -- experience using PmWiki

John Rankin john.rankin
Wed Sep 15 16:25:33 CDT 2004

On Thursday, 16 September 2004 7:26 AM, chr at home.se wrote:
>On Wed, 15 Sep 2004, Joachim Durchholz wrote:
>> chr at home.se wrote:
>> > ...
>The math syntax isn't so bad. Caveat: Since I wrote my thesis using LyX I
>never actually used it. One of my *long* term goals is to enable LyX to
>edit wiki pages -- entering math would then be trivial since LyX's math
>editor is amazing.

Heh. With the advent PmWiki 2, I now have a long term goal of adding a
'Typeset' button to a trail page and turning wiki markup directly into 
TeX. This would then allow anyone with a web browser to publish a book.
Which may or may not be a good thing.

>From my initial reading of PmWiki 2, it is possible to replace the 
stdmarkup.php file, which controls wiki to HTML translation. So it
*should* be a case of ?action=tex which sets header variables, uses
a wiki to TeX markup translator and pass the result to a server-side
LaTeX processor, which gives back a PDF.

    [:sketch hands-waving-airily.png:]

No doubt there are snares to trap the unwary, but in principle it's
very do-able. As usual, Patrick has done fine work.

It would be much faster and tidier than the current method we use,
which takes the HTML output and translates this into TeX.

John Rankin

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