[Pmwiki-users] CVS attachments

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Wed Sep 15 20:11:40 CDT 2004

On Thu, Sep 16, 2004 at 03:41:21AM +0200, Larry Baltz wrote:
> To address this I have started work on integrating CSV tables into 
> PMWiki 2.  I have a working prototype at:
>  <http://larry1.baltz.org/wiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WikiSandbox>

Wow, this is cool.  Great idea!

> One particular issue I ran into was dealing with the upload extension 
> list.  I would like to extend the one from the upload module instead of 
> having to redefine the entire list to add one entry, but it wasn't 
> clear how this should be done, so some help here would be great.

Oh, drat -- that's a bug in PmWiki 2's upload module.  The SDV(...) call 
should have been an SDVA(...) call.  You would then be able to do the 
following in a config.php to add a new extension to the list without
having to repeat the list:

    $UploadExts['csv'] = 'text/plain';

I'll make a release either later tonight or early tomorrow.


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