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chr@home.se chr
Thu Sep 16 17:18:07 CDT 2004

On Wed, 15 Sep 2004, Joachim Durchholz wrote:

> chr at home.se wrote:
> > 
> > One problem is that you can only [upload] one file at a time.
> This is a limitation of HTML.
> I don't know of any good workaround.

Oh... rats. 

Does this limit hold for all file managers written in php? 

What about using an sftp server? Could you configure that to only allow 
uploading of files with certain extensions and have limits on how much 
space each kind of files may take? The drawback is of course that the user 
needs an sftp client.

> Personally, I think any Wiki should handle files as part of the page for
> which they were uploaded.

Sometimes. But at other times I prefer associating files with a group of 

> This means that such files should be included in version control, and
> rolled back together with the page contents.

Hmm... it's an interesting point, and I can see how it makes sense for a 
file associated with a single page. The alternative is separate version 
control of the file, where you manual roll it back to some date/version.

> This would also avoid the consistency checking hassles that you mentioned.
> > However, even for these illustrations I'm starting to use CVS, since
> > it allows me to check out the source of the image to my local
> > account, modify the source, export it as .png and commit both the
> > source and the image to the repository.
> This is a different request. You'd like to have something like a simple
> "make" tool: be able to upload a file in one format, and have the server
> process that file with a given set of commands so that something
> displayable results.

Yes, that would be a very nice situation and I thought about it.  
Unfortunately I don't think we can expect the server to have the 
required software for converting the source into an image...


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