[Pmwiki-users] Bibliographies

Rick Lavin ricklavin2001
Fri Sep 17 00:43:57 CDT 2004

Having tried out a host of php-based wikis over the last few months, I 
have to conclude that PmWiki is  the clear all-round winner for several 
reasons, not least of which is its incorporation of linearity and 
hierarchy without losing its wiki soul.

There is just one feature that appears to me to be missing: handling 
bibliographies. It hadn't occurred to me that this could be done in a 
wiki until I came across UniWakkaWiki: 
<http://www.istitutocolli.org/uniwakka/HomePage> and < 
http://www.istitutocolli.org/uniwakka/BiblioTest>. I'm wondering 
whether there's any prospect of this functionality being brought into 
PmWiki. It would seem to fit into the long-term goal of making PmWiki 
into a publishing tool, in addition to all the other things it can do. 
And as a practical thing, a lot of academics spend a lot of their time 
dealing with references, and it would be a major help if we could deal 
with them together with the text we write.

> With the advent PmWiki 2, I now have a long term goal of adding a
> 'Typeset' button to a trail page and turning wiki markup directly into
> TeX. This would then allow anyone with a web browser to publish a book.
> Which may or may not be a good thing.

I don't know how popular this kind of feature would be, but I would be 
delighted to see it.


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