[Pmwiki-users] layout based on source group

Larry Baltz larry+pmwiki
Fri Sep 17 03:01:17 CDT 2004


I think I may be stretching things a bit, but I would like to have 
links to profiles laid out a little differently than links to pages in 
other pmwiki groups.  In particular, I'd like to have links to 
non-created profiles show up w/o any link "dressing" (i.e. no colour 
change, underline or question mark afterwards).

I can use a group specific configuration file and/or skin to control 
this for display w/in the group, but not for references to the group 
(at least not that I know of).

Any ideas as to how one could do this without having to make ugly hacks 
into the core of the wiki?



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