[Pmwiki-users] skins

Knut Alboldt mailing
Mon Sep 20 14:31:43 CDT 2004

I played around using different skins the last time (pmwiki 1) and found it 
somehow difficult to easily create new skin and switch the skin within the 
config.php and page-templates.

What I suggest:
All skins should have the same name for:
- pagetemplate (e.g. display.tmpl)
- printpagetemplate (e.g. print.tmpl)
- publishedpagetemplate (e.g. publish.tmpl)
with corresponding css-files (e.g. display.css, print.css etc)
This would have two effords:
1) in the config.php you could define a Skin-Var (e.g. $WikiSkin) 
containing the skin-name = name of a dir in /pub/skins
2) in all page-template-files you can use the same css-references names so 
creating a new skin from the old one would be quite easily

Now, if I want to create a new skin based on /pub/skins/pmwiki I've to copy 
the dir "pmwiki" to a new dir "newskin". That would only change the 
page-template. Then I've to configure $PageTemplateFmt and the references 
to the css-files im pmwiki.tmpl
If I want to have a corresponding print or publish-template I've to copy 
from /pub/skins/print /pritn.tmpl e.g in /pub/skins/newskin/print.tmpl and 
again customize some vars.

With the new proposal it would be only a copy of an existing skin-dir into 
a new skin dir with changing a pmwiki-var $WikiSkin, that's all.
/pub/skins/print/ would be obsolete, the contents would be moved to 

For more convinience a few more variables should be set according to $WikiSkin:
e.g. $SkinURL =  $PubDirUrl/skins/$WikiSkin/ (for using in display.tmpl)

PageTemplateFmt would be set to $SkinUrl/display.tmpl.


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