[Pmwiki-users] Publishing a part of your wiki -- Experience using PmWiki

Knut Alboldt mailing
Tue Sep 21 03:08:34 CDT 2004

At 23:12 20.09.2004, chr wrote:
>The idea below isn't so bad for certain applications, how come you didn't
>send it to the list?

Oh, I didn't realize that. That's simple the everlasting story with the 
"REPLY"-function in my emailer (eudora, I'm still on the windows system). 
Have the same problem, sending new requests to the list, cause it's using 
my wrong account as the sender and then the mail bounces ...
I wish, I'd a emailer which is configurable, that a reply for all entries 
of a certain mailbox (here pmwiki) is always using the maillist-address and 
my mailing-account as the sender, i.e. configurable default receiver / 
sender addresses for certain mail-archives ...

So here is to the list: :-)

>On Fri, 17 Sep 2004, Knut Alboldt wrote:
> > what about a server-task that would copy these specific pages (e.g. each
> > marked by a [:public:]-tag) to the public wiki ?
> > would require crontab access and scripting (bash/sh/perl) on the webserver
> > The page-names and groups should remain the same.
> > It could also be checked if a page is made private again an so deleted 
> from
> > the public wiki.
> > The copy could be done nightly (hourly etc) or on demand.
> > A second sidebar could be created for the public wiki having a different
> > name than in the private one (e.g. using a different default group /
> > pagename on the public wiki)
> >
> > Knut
> >
> >
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