[Pmwiki-users] section edits

Fred Chittenden drfredc
Tue Sep 21 19:33:55 CDT 2004

>> On Tue, Sep 21, 2004 at 01:06:58PM -0700, Fred Chittenden wrote:
> > This sounds like some sort of "blogging" variant, which would be very
> It could be used that way, but I'm planning to add a comment/talkback
> feature directly into the wiki.  The biggest difference is that one might
> want different levels of authorization for "edit page" and "comment".>

Something like this would be great.  I've already got a possible use.  I'm
webmaster for a soccer club and have been thinking of a wiki where one
'section' might be used to let the club or team manager post schedules and
scores for teams, events and/or leagues, with another section for general
posts (blogs).  The schedule section might require a manager password,
while the posting section may have other password options. 

> > As a general comment, I'm not sure if the heading delimiter would be
> > powerful enough for possible future expansion and/or uses as one might
> > to add some other commands to sections. 
> Well, I think it needs to be somewhat "automatic" in that authors
> *have* to write additional markup in order to enable section edits.
> And of course it'd be configurable so that an administrator could choose
> what sequences delimit a section--I guess I'm asking for what a good
> default would be.>

There might be 'sections' that one wouldn't want to allow editing and
posting and others you'd allow.   Calling for a blog section wouldn't have
to be complicated.
 For example
---------- MyBlogPage ---------

No blog posting (section editing) would be provided for in the Introduction
section, because no blog command is provided. 

!* BlogAway <Blog()>

The BlogAway section would be a blog posting section, possibly an included
"blog file" of BlogAway for that wiki page.  It would be sandwiched after
the Introduction section and before the Footnote section when displayed. 
The blog command might default to posting at the end, or beginning or as
set in config.  One might allow folks to customize their Blogs to post at
the front or end.  (<blog(front)> or <Blog(end)>)

!* Footnote

This footnote section would not have blogging (none is called), and be
posted at the end of the blog section.  


Another section incarnation might be for testing or filling out forms.

---------- MyTest ---------
!* Student <Answers(Student_X)>
!*Question 1 <Answers(Student_X)>
Which way is up?
!* Question 2 <Answers(Student_X)>
How do you get there from here? 
!* <ViewAnswers(MyTest)>

How this "section" adaptation might display and act would depend upon how
one defined the "Answers" and "ViewAnswers" command.  Generally, a wiki
page for MyTest/Student_X could be started and stored at the site for each
student (encrypted if desired). 

ViewAnswers might display a wiki index of MyTest/Bozo, MyTest/Bubba, etc
for the teacher to grade.  The command could perhaps even be called from a
different wiki page where the teacher could have a common collection of
tests -- ViewAnswers(MyTest), ViewAnswers(AnotherTest).  

* Which way is up? 
**That way...^
*How do you get there from here? 
**This way and that.


The point being to adopt something that allows for somewhat seamless
options and future expansion.  In this case, obviously, the same set of
(future) section commands would also work for a simple form input.  

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