[Pmwiki-users] group pages into folders

Michael Yap michaelyap
Wed Sep 22 03:56:00 CDT 2004

i've been using pmwiki since last year. i've never bother about
cookbooks or any other tricks except for some core features. i
now have about 1200 pages. can somebody teach me how to create a
new group that goes into a folder.

i've never really understood what it all means for those
variables. its just so confusing to a newbie like me. i'm just
happy using PmWiki.

according to the Size page : -
... First, as far as directory limitations go, I designed the
$PageFileFmt, $WikiDir, and $WikiLibDirs variables so that an
admin can organize the files into an alternate structure other
than just "wiki.d/Group.Pagename".  For example, $PageFileFmt
could be changed to '$Group/$Title_' or [='$Group/$PageName'=]
and files would be stored as "wiki.d/Group/Pagename" or 
"wiki.d/Group/Group.Pagename", which would reduce the overall
number of files in any single directory. ...
... with a couple of very minor extensions the files can be
organized into directories based on the first character(s) of
the title, as in "wiki.d/P/Group.Pagename" and
"wiki.d/W/Group.[=WikiWord=]". This would spread the load out
among more directories ...
as a newbie, here's are some of the what i've tried (all
guessing, shoot in the dark), to put into the
local/GroupName.php file : -
all of them show errors or a blank page

$WikiDir = 'wiki.d/PremierLeague'; 
$WikiDir = 'PremierLeague'; 
$WikiDir = '$Group/$Title_'; 
$WikiDir = '$Group/$PageName'; 
$WikiDir = 'wiki.d/$Group/$PageName'; 
$WikiDir = 'wiki.d/("$Group/$PageName")'; 
$WikiDir = PageFileFmt('$Group/$PageName'); 

$PageFileFmt = '$Group/$Title_'; //blank page.
$PageFileFmt = '$Group/$PageName'; //blank page.

i've tried created the folder first before creating the page.
not successful.

can somebody show me the codes and where to put them, or what to
do ? maybe there's more to it than just these 2 variables.
err... the new folder can be anywhere inside the wiki.d folder
or alongside it, or alphabetical folders just like Patrick
mention above. but i prefer the grouping folders.

i'm happy with all the pages i have. having a new group from now
on into a folder would be just fine. but then again, is that a
lot of work to seperate my current 1200 pages into groups ?


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