[Pmwiki-users] Re: Publishing a part of your wiki -- Experience using PmWiki

chr@home.se chr
Wed Sep 22 04:38:18 CDT 2004

On Tue, 21 Sep 2004, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> On Tue, Sep 21, 2004 at 11:11:58AM +0200, Knut Alboldt wrote:
> > >> what about a server-task that would copy these specific pages (e.g. each
> > >> marked by a [:public:]-tag) to the public wiki ?
> > >> would require crontab access and scripting (bash/sh/perl) on the 
> > >webserver
> > >> The page-names and groups should remain the same.
> In PmWiki 2, it'd be possible to write a custom EditFunction that would
> check the page text for [:public:] and if it is there then the page
> gets saved to a second public wikidir in addition to the normal one.

To me it would be more useful to updating the public wiki after a
conscious action, i.e. a manual command. That way you have the possibility
to first check that you haven't added anything to the pages that you don't
want to become public. Basically you get the option of proof-reading the
pages before you publish them.

If you then want this to happen regurlarly, it's easy to have a cron job 
execute the command.

> Thus you wouldn't need a separate script or crontab to find all of
> the public pages and copy them--it would occur automatically whenever
> a ([:public:]) page is saved.

Having said the above, I do appreciate that this is a more elegant
solution, and for some situations it would work really well.

A custom EditFunction could instead of exporting the page upon a save, add
the name of the page to e.g. 'PagesToBeExported'. The publisher can then
use this page to simplify the proofreading task. Actually, if this page
had a checkbox before each page, and an 'Export'-button, the publisher
could also initate the exporting, as well as selectively choose what pages
to export.

Maybe '[:public:]' should instead be something like

	[:export-to: Main.PagesToBeExported:]

i.e, the directive also indicates where to update the list of modified
pages.  More thought is needed on the scheme above, but does it seem like 
something that could be useful?


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