[Pmwiki-users] PHP Diff Engine

Nils Knappmeier nk
Wed Sep 22 11:50:12 CDT 2004

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

>Has anyone run into any problems using Nils Knappmeier's PHPDiffEngine
>with PmWiki?  I'm especially concerned about its performance on large
 > I'm considering including it in the distribution (along with code to

>automatically load+configure it if the external diff utility is 
Wow, *g* I'm in PmWiki!.
A few words about the diff engine: The algorithm in the cookbook is 
but faster then the original one. Imperfect means, that there are some 
cases, where
the algorithm creates diffs that do not look correct at the first glance 
(but they are)
and are much bigger than the result of the system diff-command. I think 
I included
an example in the cookbook.
Myself, I am using the old slow, memory hungry algorithm on my homepage 
that produces
the same (or about the same results) as the GNU diff. I haven't had any 
problems with diffs yet, but my pages are
not that big.

Although I proposed a structure for complex cookbook recipes, the 
DiffEngine doesn't use it. I will work on that
today. I was too lazy and too busy in the past, but when I do that, I 
will also include the algorithm that I am using at the moment.


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