[Pmwiki-users] pmwiki2 precedence question

John Rankin john.rankin
Thu Sep 23 16:15:33 CDT 2004

I have tested markup extensions with the resequenced inline markup 
and it's mostly fine, but I hit one problem.

In preparation for converting the page table of contents script, 
I tested an [[#anchor | #]] markup which uses the text of the 
paragraph at the anchor point as the link text. This makes it 
easy to see what's going on, without all the page toc clutter.

The problem:
- it makes a call to a function that passes the \$pagename,
  \$x, the anchor name ie '$1'

- if it runs '<[[|' it picks up the paragraph text correctly
  but inline markup is not evaluated

- if it runs '<inline' or 'directives' $x appears to be empty
  so it returns anchor not found

- if I use \$text instead of \$x any directives are still
  embedded (eg this is a problem if the link is to the last
  paragraph and it picks up [:groupfooter:])

Any guidance would be appreciated.
John Rankin

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