[Pmwiki-users] RE: Sidebar Highlighting?

Dawn Green green
Mon Sep 27 12:23:41 CDT 2004

> Is there a halfway simple way to highlight the corresponding sidebar
> entry when a page is open? 
> Let's say I have a sidebar navigator that points to page1, page2 and
> page3 respectively. When I am on page1 (from deep linking or from
> wherever) I'd like that the "page1" entry in the sidebar is highlighted
> (some css attribute). 
> I know I could write a different sidebar for every page, but that's not
> extremely elegant.

We handle a lot of page attributes with config file replacements:

$CSSVar = "somestyle.css";

$pagetitles = array(
    'Title1'       => 'style.css',
    'Title2'    => 'Attribute, Image, CSS, Etc.',

if ($pagetitles[$style]) {
    $CSSVar = '<link  href=' . $pagetitles $style] . 'type="text/css">';


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