[Pmwiki-users] v2 upgrade final stretch [was: v2 advanced tables direction]

Larry Baltz larry+pmwiki
Mon Sep 27 15:05:00 CDT 2004

> Out of curiosity, what are existing users' plans regarding v2 and
> upgrading to v2?  What features need to exist before people feel they
> can upgrade, and what apprehensions are there about it?
> Pm

Well, here's the list of remaining features from the development home 

  * SearchWiki
    This looks like it's at least partly implemented -- not sure what
    is missing
  * floating images
    Use it but could work around using advanced tables until it's
  * AdvancedTables
    Pretty much must have -- have simple tables and other block
    elements embedded in advanced tables.
  * WikiWordCounts
    Not a big need for me
  * InstallationWizard
    Yeah, for my one existing pmwiki I'd pretty much have to have

Others not on the list:

  * spaced WikiWords
    Users have gotten really use to this, and I'd hate to yank
    it now.

    I've created a workaround/alternative cookbook entry to handle
    this for v2.  Is using template functions better or worse than
    special case variables?

  * general documentation upgrade
    Will have trouble fully switching to v2 until the full set of
    editing/mark-up documentation is updated

What I'm looking forward to:

  * [:title:]
  * cleaner link mark-up structure (although user re-learning
    is a bit of a worry)
  * cleaner internal mark-up system making extensions easier
  * IncludeCSV :-)
    (which would have been a mess to implement in v1)


--On 9/27/04 2:22 PM -0600 Patrick R. Michaud writes:

> On Mon, Sep 27, 2004 at 09:25:36PM +0200, Larry Baltz wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This is really a question for Patrick...
>> What's the intended direction for advanced tables for v2?  Do you
>> plan  to simply re-implement the mark-up from V1, or did you intend
>> to go a  different direction?
> I'm re-implementing the markup from v1, except it'll be of the form
> [:table:] and [:cell:] instead of [[table]] and [[cell]].
>> In any case, wouldn't mind pitching in and implementing this if you
>> would like the help (i.e. I'm chomping at the bit to upgrade to v2
>> and  this is one of the remaining "must have" features).
> It's not difficult to implement -- I just hadn't done it yet.  I'll
> bump it up on the priorities and try to get it into the next devel
> release.

-- End message from Patrick R. Michaud --

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