[Pmwiki-users] Strange files in wiki.d

Ilya Zverev zverik
Thu Sep 30 03:26:59 CDT 2004

RO> I just found some strange files in my wiki.d lib:

RO> txtG4JUhf.orig and txtG4JUhf.ref and a total of 6 more files with sligthly
RO> different name all starting with txt*.

RO> The properties of these files are 600 and I'm not able to access them at
RO> all. The size are between 200 - 300 kb.

RO> Anyone else seen anything like this or have any clue of what it might be?

I guess it's hard to answer without any additional information. Clean
PmWiki installation doesn't seem to create those files. What
modifications have you made to it? It can also be some garbage left by
administrator's utilies... OS name & version would be helpful too :)


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