[pmwiki-users] Use non-[A-Za-z] characters in page names?

Sam Wilson sam at co-operista.com
Thu Oct 26 19:53:20 CDT 2006

Hi,  I'm rather new to PmWiki, but I've searched everwhere and not found
an answer to this, so I hope no-one minds me posting here.  I am wondering
whether it's possible to have charaters like commas, spaces, parentheses,
single and double quotation marks, em dashes etc. in page names, and if
so, how?  I understand that the limiting factor is probably the fact that
the page name is the same as the file name, and so forward slashes are out
(and backslashes for Windows, colons for Mac -- is that right?), but I
can't see any reason to avoid other characters (even unicode? for those
OSs that support it).  Hope someone can help.  Thanks a lot --- Sam.

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