[pmwiki-users] CommentBox problem

Chris Carter ccarter at lbcc.edu
Wed Nov 7 10:02:25 CST 2007

Yes, I was wondering the same thing.  Nothing is showing up on the source, in fact, where I wrote "Main.Chile contains:," below is copied directly from the source.  Any other ideas?  Thanks. 
Chris Carter, Ph.D.
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The "source" tab is not available, and action=source is apparently disabled. Have you looked at the actual page content to see if your comments are there and just not being displayed?


Clayton Curtis MD PhD 
VHA-IHS Interagency Liaison & Informatics


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Hi everyone,

I just realized CommentBoxPlus is not working on my site.  I could have sworn it was working before.  Maybe I changed something important and didn't realize it.  When I type something and submit, nothing shows up.  Any suggestions? 


A sample can be found at: 



Main.Chile contains:


(:include Main.Country:)


(:include Main.BulletinBoard:)








Main.BulletinBoard contains: 


(:table border=1 align=right width=40%:)


!'''Discussion Board'''

%center%Post time sensitive notices, discuss study abroad in {*$Name} and more!









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