[pmwiki-users] CommentBox problem

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Thu Nov 8 01:51:18 CST 2007

Thursday, November 8, 2007, 12:19:27 AM, Chris Carter wrote:

> Hi again.  Sorry to bother, but I still can't get commentboxplus to
> function.  This morning I thought emailform was not working-- it is, but
> for some reason it takes about 1 hour for me to receive messages.
> Therefore, the commentboxplus in not related to an emailform problem.

> At http://www.vagaboo.com/index.php?n=Main.WikiSandbox I placed the
> following markup:

> (:commentbox:)

> [[#comments]]

The HTML source looks fine to me. I am puzzled as you.

Does it make a difference if you set  $EnableAccessCode = false; ?

I can only suggest to go through  a systematic procedure and disable
other components, and see if it makes a difference:

1. disable all other recipe include_once lines (comment them).
2. disable any customisations to markup etc.
3. disable a custom skin.
4. disable any other customisations, leave your config.php entries to
the minimum of funcionality.
5. Install pmwiki fresh as a new wiki, and only add commentboxplus.

If at any point the comment box works, narrow down your search and
disable other entries line by line.


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