[pmwiki-users] Creating a new page with GET/POST variables (or a form)

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Fri Nov 9 13:28:37 CST 2007

Friday, November 9, 2007, 7:12:47 PM, alglt at yahoo.com wrote:

> The outcome of this is that I cannot rely on such a form:

> (:input form "{$ScriptURL}":)
> (:input hidden action edit:)
> (:input hidden template Blog.Template:)
> (:input text pagename "Blog.This is a test":)
> (:input end:)

> Or maybe there is some separate GET/POST variable, which could be used
> to designate a WikiGroup of a new page?

I think the pagename input should go through the
MakePageName function first in the script processing the input form,
before being used as page name.


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