[pmwiki-users] Subversion PageStore

sti at pooq.com sti at pooq.com
Fri Nov 9 13:40:18 CST 2007

Ian Barton wrote:
>> A while back, a few people expressed mild interest in using Subversion
>> as a backend for a PmWiki PageStore (that is, using subversion for the
>> storage of wiki pages).  Did anything ever come of this?  I'm getting
>> interested in this; or adapting something like this to be used with
>> svk(1).

> Out of curiosity why would you want to do this? PmWiki already gives you 
>   version history.

I have a case right now where it would be useful. I am working on a PmWiki
site that will be used both as a CMS to display organizational info for the
public, and as a private wiki to coordinate the internal workings of the

Because there will be a large amount of complex recipe development to manage
the internal site, there is a clone of the site that I do my testing on, as a
wonky recipe can often prevent normal operations while its being debugged, and
we want high availability.

Inevitably, adding recipes involves changing existing pages, and the live site
is undergoing continual changes as well. Currently I use subversion to
semi-automatically merge the two sites when a new recipe is ready to go
online, but its far from perfect, as Subversion and PmWiki each have their own
history, restore and deletion mechanisms that don't play well together.

As well, clean merging of divergent PmWiki pages would require an external
tool that doesn't exist, so I am often forced to do it by hand.

The ability to use Subversion (or perhaps svk) as a pagestore would solve most
of these problems in an efficient manner.

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