[pmwiki-users] foxblog question

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Sun Nov 11 03:27:39 CST 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007, 8:50:33 AM, Maria McKinley wrote:

> I'm afraid I have one more question about the blog recipe. I got rid
> of the comments counter on the Blog index, but I can't seem to figure
> out how to get rid of it on the blog page. I have tried editing the
> Site pages FoxBlogTemplate, FoxCommentBox, FoxCommentTemplate and
> LocalTemplate, but I can't find anything to delete that gets rid of
> the Comment counter and edit comment page link. Where else should I
> look?

you changed Site.FoxBlogTemplate, so any new pages created with
NewBlogPage will not have this, but the pages you already got have the
reference to $FoxPostCount in it. See
line 12:
!!!!!Comments: {Comments.{$Group}-{$Name}$FoxPostCount}

As far as I know, {$FoxPostCount} should work. It counts the
occurrences of the string '#foxbegin' in the page, which is used in
every comment posted. so you can change the above line to:

!!!!!Comments: {{*$FullName}$FoxPostCount}

You can try it on your blog page first, and if it works change it on

What does not work with the newer fox.php is $FoxCount.
And as you see from the source line quoted above (from the original
FoxBlogTemplate) the comments were meant to go into a separate
Comments group, on a page Group-PageName, ie.

As you set up the FoxCommentBox, it appends to the current page, rather
than a target page in a Comments group. So you simplified this and
have no need for the $FoxCount var. But try  {{*$FullName}$FoxPostCount}
as a counter.


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