[pmwiki-users] Installing PmWiki...

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Mon Nov 12 16:02:23 CST 2007

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> So, my question is:  what methods and tools are people typically 
> using to install PmWiki to a webserver?  I'll try to use the same
> or similar tools when creating the videos.

I don't have shell access. I can understand (or ask about) Unix 
commands, and then do the equivalent in another way.

I use SmartFTP, which handles CHMOD, but sometimes I do a quick edit 
through CPanel.

I use CPanel to control subaccounts. I notice CPanel writes to .htaccess 
files. I have done minimal editing on .htaccess files and haven't 
noticed a conflict, yet.

I don't know if CPanel (or its competitors) does mass uploads or CHMOD, 
but if it does I can see someone using it directly, cutting the FTP out 
of the sequence entirely.

(I'm very happy that PmWiki doesn't need a database. Learning to create 
and link one might be very easy, but learning too many things at once is 
a bad idea; you never know which step you made the mistake in.)



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