[pmwiki-users] Detect a page password using page markup?

Randy randy at brownragfilms.com
Tue Nov 13 00:27:11 CST 2007

Is it possible to use PmWiki markup to test for a page's read or edit  
password, so I can indicate to logged in users who else can read or  
edit the page?

If I can't test for the password itself, can I detect whether the  
page has a page read or edit password at all?

My goal is to put in GroupHeader something like "(:if equals @nopass  
{*$pagereadpassword} :) %visibility% web" or "(:if equals myguest1 {* 
$pagereadpassword} :) %visibility% guest".

Of course I can create visibility tags for pages without the  
conditional, but I'd like something that will always reflect the  
reality of the page's permissions.

It would also be nice to display a pagelist of pages that have no  
password, or that are readable using a specified password.

Any suggestions?


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