[pmwiki-users] DataQuery, DataPlates and Templates

Philippe KRAIT philippe.krait at thalesgroup.com
Tue Nov 13 05:13:05 CST 2007


I've been trying to use the DataQuery and DataPlates recipes, which look 
great, but I still have a few problems.

First, with the templates. I understand that the recipes are supposed to 
create some templates automatically, but I don't think that it works in 
my installation, because I get the following markups in pages (followed 
by a rather ugly output):

D Qedit?' >

D Qlist?'>

D Qview?' align='center'>

To my (rather inexperienced) eye, it seems like the templates are not 
found. I would define them by hand, but it seems that it's rather 
complicated and ugly, and it needs to be done in many many groups (each 
query in fact): "By default these templates are in the Templates page of 
each query's page group (for example User.Templates 

So what gives ? Is there something in my implementation that prevents 
these templates from working ? Is there a bug somewhere ?

Thanks in advance for your answers,

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