[pmwiki-users] Slow page loading and web hosts

Randy randy at brownragfilms.com
Thu Nov 15 23:20:13 CST 2007

I've read Pmwiki's PmwikiFriendlyHosting and WebHosts pages, but  
would like some guidance about how to select a web host specifically  
for a wiki in which pages require lots of processing.

I currently have a shared hosting account at GoDaddy.com. My wiki has  
fewer than 1000 pages, but pages include other pages, check page  
permissions, and often have a fair amount of markup. I assume the  
bottleneck is either CPU time or disk access. (I've set  
$EnablePageListProtect = 0.)  I've eliminated from my code whatever  
seemed unnecessary - though I'm sure there's more tweaking I could do.

My pages load in 1 or 2 seconds quite often, which is acceptable. But  
the same pages can take over 30 seconds to load at other times. I  
suspect GoDaddy has oversold their server.

It's hard to get metrics because GoDaddy says that since their PHP is  
shared they can't give me CPU usage statistics.

I'm considering switching to Web Faction, because I have a  
knowledgeable friend who likes them. If that doesn't work, I'd be  
willing to move to a virtual server like PowerVPS.com, though I'd  
rather avoid that if possible.

Does anyone have suggestions about how to find a web host that can  
handle my resource requirements?


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