[pmwiki-users] Ideas for "simpler" config settings (EasyConfig?)

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Fri Nov 16 16:20:21 CST 2007

Just some random ideas (good, bad, hasty, convoluted and otherwise), to 
add to the stuff stewing in the back-brains of those who might 
eventually work on it.

The forms processing may now be sophisticated enough to handle it.

Are those who can't edit a php file in the target client group?

List the variable and maybe a drop-down box of options. Maybe need two 
pages (data and form). Would be in SiteAdmin group, and locked down 
tightly. By default, only admin password.

For each item, add a "use value in config.php" option.

For each item, include "use default value", and one big "restore all 

If is an integer setting, list both the value and description. eg:
0 AuthUser Off
1 AuthUser On

If variable in config.php and easyconfig conflict, use this easyconfig. 
Do on variable-by-variable basis.
-- add variable to config.php to make config.php win at all times.

Will be much discussion over which variables should / should not be 
included in easy-config. For now, do the ones in sampleconfig, with same 
defaults. If this is done, might be able to eliminate sampleconfig.

Scope: farm or wiki? Two easyconfig pages, identical except for scope; 
same precedence as config.php / farmconfig / groupconfig (oops, that's 
three). (idea: Local wins, at same level easyconfig wins unless config 
for that level says no.)

Keep sampleconfig as example for those who can edit php but don't write 
it. Can leave out anything that's in easyconfig.

What about order of lines in config.php? It sometimes counts, esp with 
include instructions. I can see that getting complicated.

Include "create config.php file from this easyconfig page" option. Text 
file to be copied to right directory. Useful if need to

List all the skins in drop down. Increase the "wow! fast! easy! 
dramatic!" reaction.

Maybe encourage one of the skins with variable settings. Is there one 
that is configured with a form? Include link to this form.

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