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Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 19 11:22:51 CST 2007

--- "kirpi at kirpi.it" <kirpi at kirpi.it> wrote:
> My site runs on a cheap shared linux server [2], and
> I do not have access to the command line (I use 
> FilleZilla for uploading files). I'll list them, so 
> that if anybody has suggestions, please...

> - gs
> This two-letter word links to a site from which a
> tar.gz file can be downloaded. Once expanded, the 
> "beast" turns out to be a huge folder of more than 
> 50 MB called /ghostscript-8.60/ which contains tons 
> of utterly disparate files and folders of any kind.
> No way to understand how to use such a tool.

I think what you downloaded is the source.  
Typically this would be expanded and then 
'./configure' would be run followed by 'make'.

If you do not have access to the commandline 
this will be very hard to ever get working
since you do not have the ability to build 
things.  The alternative in such cases is
usually to upload a staticly linked 
executable.  I am not sure that this is 
possible with gs.  I searched for one and 
could not find one online.  I downloaded 
the code and I do not see a switch to make 
this statically linked and if I did, I'm 
not sure that it would be legal to distribute 
due to some of the libraries that it uses 
which are under different licenses.

> - pnmcrop and ppmtogif
> It is not clear to me whether it must me added to
> the "gs" thing, or is a mere alternative.
> In any case, this link also brings to an expanded
> folder of over 8 MB called /netpbm-10.26.45/ and 
> this one also is crowded with any sort of
> files and folders.

Yes, you need this to get a gif

> - abcMIDI
> By following this link I ended up with an
> abcMIDI-2007_03_18-1.i386.rpm file but I do not know
> how to handle it.
> I know that my server runs on RedHat Linux, and as
> far as I've read on
> the internet such a Linux system adopts .rpm files.
> But I know nothing
> more, and I'm stuck anyway.
> Coult that file also be placed in the /Cookbook/bin/
> directory? Should
> it be "processed" in some way? Or, maybe, is it
> simply the wrong kind
> of file that I choosed...?

To install an rpm you probably need 
administrative (root) privileges on the 

I'm sorry that it seems that you do not 
have many choices in front of you.
Sometimes that is the case with hosting
situations, especially if you do not
have command line access!


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