[pmwiki-users] ISO 8859-1 conversion patterns for page names

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Tue Nov 20 09:07:37 CST 2007

PS: Note to Marc:

Re: FoxForum topic titles

with the character conversion installed the creation of new topic
pages including accented characters in their title goes very well:
The accents are dropped from the page names, but the topic page has
automatically a (:title :) markup inserted with your original accented
topic title intact, so the page titles showing are correctly accented.

This does not work when one creates a new page by adding a normal link:
[[page name]]. You can set in config.php

$EditTemplatesFmt = 'Site.NewPageTemplate';

and create Site.NewPageTemplate with an empty (:title :) markup.
At least this may prompt a user to add the correct accented page title
into the title markup. But it is not an automatic process.

It would be great if the original page title can be kept as a page
attribute, alongside the name= attribute, as a title= attribute, and
this be used for {$Title}. This will also overcome the problem that
the last (:title ..:) markup wins in a page.


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