[pmwiki-users] Single Page background image

Dr Fred C drfredc at verizon.net
Thu Nov 22 15:00:20 CST 2007

Is there a simple way to get a page (or section of a page) to display a 
background image? 
NO, I'm not looking for solutions that require adding a bunch of 
commands for each customized page to add to local config, or changes to 
a skin for every page background I want to control.  Or at least this is 
what I take away as being the 'solution' from the jibberish on 
pmwiki/BackgroundImages about setting a background image. 

I just want something simple like a having a directive/command of 
(:backgroundpage mybackground.jpg:) that, when put into the main 
section, would override the skin and set the background of the page to 
mybackground.jpg, or at least the main section to mybackground.jpg.  I 
suppose there might be a use for (:backgroundsection mybackground.jpg:) 

My use is for a book of about 60 poems I wrote a while ago and put into 
an html site. Back then, after lots of experimentation with html, I 
discovered the mood and impact of each poem is greatly helped by each 
page for each poem having it's own background image setting the mood for 
the poem.   I'd like to covert this book of poems to run on one of my 
pmwiki sites.  However, I keep running into the HUGE roadblock of not 
being able to easily set a background image for each page. 

It seems this sort of use runs directly counter to the typical 
pmwiki/CSS web page logic which attempts to provide particular 'look' 
and feel to an entire web site.  For most uses, the one size fits all is 
fine.  However, a book of poems is different.  The background of each 
individual page is best being different to help set up a particular mood 
to aid the poetry of that particular page. Having a similar background, 
or small set of backgrounds, as skins tend to do, takes away from the 
feel of each poem. 

So what are the options? 


Always, Dr Fred C
drfredc at drfredc.com

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