[pmwiki-users] Single Page background image

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Fri Nov 23 03:10:58 CST 2007

Friday, November 23, 2007, 8:37:56 AM, Dr Fred C wrote:

>  Thanks, Clear as mud.  But I guess I can work with it when I get around
> to opening up the relevant local config, editing it, then opening my ftp
> program, etc, etc.  Then to make it workable for all my sites, I'll have
> to do the same to about 5 or 10 other local configs. 

>    I've been out of the programming loop for quite some time.  It is a
> lot of trouble to make this into a backgroundpage cookbook recipe that
> one might easily add to one's cookbook folders and then just add a 
> single line to local config? 

No, it is not. But there are two problems:

1. What do you want exactly? I assumed a background for the whole
page, for the whole browser window, not just for the page content,
excluding header and side bar regions etc. Is this correct?
And shall the background image also cover things like searchbox,
buttons, and dividing lines?

2. The solution will be necessarily highly skin dependant. I did not
know you used the Gemini skin. The markup I gave fits for the
PmWiki skin, but not the Gemini skin. So any solution providing a very
simple markup for your use in any page will need to be tailored to a
particular skin.

The markup provided in Cookbook/BackgroundImages under section 'markup'
is more general, as it allows setting of a background image to any
division one chooses. So it can fit for any skin, but one needs to
know of course to which HTML division the background image shall

As a skin designer, I would like to offer a skin option for a transparent
background for all page layout areas, so a background image can be
shown. I've done this for the Triad skin: it has a 'transparent' color
scheme as a style option. But the background image is set in a css file.
I will develop this further, so one can set a page background for the
'transparent' style option from within  a page, probably with a markup
like (:theme transparent background=http:/domain/path/image.jpg:)

The skin has already a (:theme ... :) markup (Gemini as well) which
allows setting a colour scheme for an individual page. I think this
could be expanded to include background images. I will pursue this and
keep you informed.


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