[pmwiki-users] Wikiform, Listing and Security Options

Edwin Marte emarte at aiolosrd.com
Fri Nov 23 16:47:57 CST 2007

Hello All, 

I have been working with wikiforms for a while now always with john Rankin help
taking me by hand. Actually there are a few issues I have not solved yet (I have
not have much time these past weeks). So meanwhile I have been thinking in
alternative ways to acomplish some of the ideas I would like to implement, so
after reading and looking in all post I come out with the following ideas and

Is there a way, using wikilist, that I can specify how many fields to show in
the table? Or did somebody find the way to create a Markup to acomplish this? I
read in a receipe about doing it with pagelist wich I find it cool , the problem
with pagelist would be that every page will be listed even non numerics pages or
text pages.

My Other Question would be, is there a way to redirect to another page after
wikiform summision ? in some cases I'd like the feature where people are taken
to some place after summision. I have tried using redirect together with a
viewtemplate but for some reason it does not work, it does not redirect. Why
using a viewtemplate becasue as an admin or maintainer I should be able to list
all summision in a fashjion way.

Another feature I have not found the way yet is that I would like people to be
able to summit data using wikiform but I do not want them to be able to edit the
data after summit, can this be done in any way ?

Many thanks To all

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