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Tom Hayden tom.hayden.iii at mail.airmail.net
Mon Nov 26 07:43:27 CST 2007

I tried creating Main.GroupFooter to no effect. The only recipe I have 
at this moment is PmCalendar in cookbook. The installation instructions 
require a GroupFooter so I am pretty certain that is not the problem.

Hans wrote:
> Monday, November 26, 2007, 3:59:20 AM, Thomas Clay Hayden III wrote:
>> I then 
>> create the page Calendar.GroupFooter with a couple of lines of text just
>> to test it. And *nothing* shows up when I go to Calendar.Calendar.
> Can you create a GroupFooter page in another group with some content,
> and does it show ( i.e. Main.GroupFooter) ?
> GroupFooter and GroupHeader work skin independent. It may be that some
> recipe script is interfering?
>   ~Hans

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