[pmwiki-users] cookbook development - how to use xlpage in a cookbook

Szőke Sándor alexware at szokesandor.hu
Thu Dec 4 03:13:03 CST 2008

>> How to change my .php file, so the produced outup can be translated via
>> XLPage?
>> I place the (:xsGallery:) markup on a page, that calls my cookbook.
>> The page is produced by returning the page in a text variable, via the
>> markup call.
>> If I put $[sometext] in this variable, I got the same thing appearing on
>> the page. How to override this?
> probably your (:xsGallery:) markup is interpreted too late. To have it
> interpreted at an earlier stage, see
> <http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/CustomMarkup> for a list of possible
> values for the $when parameter of the Markup() function.
> Another thing to check: Do not use keep() in your custom markup
> definition as it does prevent any further markup processing.

Dear Jens,

It solved the problem. Now, my gallery speeaks english and hungarian.

I tried "<fulltext", and it is works according to my needs.

# Markup('xsGallery', '<fulltext', '/\\(:xsGallery:\\)/', xsGallery() );

You might check it, at http://szokesandor.hu/index.php/Gallery

Thanks for helping me.


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