[pmwiki-users] Harvesting :Email: text variable in Profiles for spamming friends

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Tue Jun 24 09:08:40 CDT 2008

The idea is forcing the system to harvest all the :Email text
variables inside Profiles pages and print a list on a dedicated page,
something in the form
       Pagename1 <email1>, Pagename2 <email2>, Pagename3 <email3>, ...
This way it becomes easy to "spam" friends... :-)

My experiments on a test page give no results: I've tried many ways
but I'm afraid I cannot get the clue.
Even something like

(:include {=$FullName}{$:Email}:)
(:pagelist group=Profiles fmt=includeEmail:)

gives no result.
Does anybody have a suggestion, please?


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