[pmwiki-users] quirk with nested-if

Peter & Melodye Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Mon Jun 30 04:44:39 CDT 2008

> however, if i then stick (:include UDP.TestInclude:) into Site.SiteFooter,
> and then load any page on the site, it malfunctions and spits out onto the
> page part of the conditional (i.e. it doesn't execute it all):

When PM decided to put the (:if0 ...:) as a div-like feature into core I
stopped looking at Nested-If and haven't looked at it since...

(Incidentally, are features like this available in some development version
of PmWiki or from SVN or something like that?  I was looking for something
the other day and couldn't find any version since 2007, but I probably just
don't know where to look...)

However, it sounds like this is an issue of the order of rules being
evaluated.  I just pulled up a page and put ?action=ruleset on the end and I
see that the if markup rule (to which nested if is tied) occurs BEFORE the
nogroupfooter and the nogroupheader rules.  This seems to suggest that
perhaps conditionals are evaluated before headers and footers are brought

Perhaps if you change the 2nd argument of the nested-if to something later
like '>directives' or something like that it might work?

However, this seems a bit strange to me, because I can't imagine that the
standard (:if:) wouldn't work in headers and footers... ?!?


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