[pmwiki-users] css depending on action, image depending on page

James Montaldi j.montaldi at gmail.com
Sun May 4 07:07:29 CDT 2008

Hi all

I am converting a small site to pmwiki - and have two questions.

1.  The content of the site is contained in a narrow central column of
width 500px. When one edits, this is inconveniently narrow, so I want
to have the css change the width of the #content div when action is
edit.  How do I do that?
(I tried a couple of things but neither worked, including
<!--wiki:(:if action edit:)
  <style type="text/css"> #content{width:800px} </style>
  (:ifend:) -->
in the header of the .tmpl file. But I don't really understand what I'm doing!)
I also found a reference to $HtmlStyleFmt, but don't know how to
restrict it to action=edit.

2.  The site has an logo which varies (slightly) from page to page.
Can I load page-dependent images in the template file? I naively tried
<img src ="path/$Page.jpg"/>
but that didn't work.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks,   James

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