[pmwiki-users] (:keywords:) replication bug

a at plus1plus1plus.org a at plus1plus1plus.org
Mon May 5 14:07:13 CDT 2008


i have the feeling someone else has probably reported this before, but  
i didn't see it in my searches of the mailing list

when i put (:keywords ...:) on my page, it starts to replicate itself  
everytime i re-edit & save the page. for instance:

1st save:
(:keywords blah:)

then edit the page again, and you find on the page:
(:keywords blah:)
(:keywords blah:)

begin to edit for a third time, and you'll find:
(:keywords blah:)
(:keywords blah:)
(:keywords blah:)

then, when you get nervous and try to delete those three lines, and  
save&edit, what appears is:
(:keywords blah, blah, blah:)

... which then continues to replicate itself with future edits.
i've found the only way to correct this is to delete and then recreate  
the page minus any keywords...

any suggestions on how to avoid this?

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