[pmwiki-users] pmwiki-users how to use WikiForms (olli)

olli halloolli at hailmail.net
Fri May 9 02:01:05 CDT 2008

hi john, hi peter

thanks for your advice. i'll try it out and will see how i go.

cheers, leo

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>>hi there
>>i want to set up some forms for standardized page creation and
>>i looked into WikiForms.
>>after downloading the files
>>  ...
>>for the cookbook directory and doing the appropriate
>>  include_once
>>in the local/config.php i now don't know what to do next:
>>  1.. where do i put the form definition?  (like in the sample
>>code from the WikiFormSample page)
> Suppose you want your form-created pages to go in the group
> called Example. Create a page called Example.FormTemplate
> that contains the layout of your form.
>>  2.. what's the name of the page/link the users than use to create pages?
>>thanks for any pointers, olli
> This can go in any page in the Example group. For example,
> suppose you put a link to the page [[new entries]] on
> Example.HomePage. On the page called Example.NewEntries,
> place the following markup:
> (:wikiform:)
> This will make Example.NewEntries an entry form page.
> To see a list of entries, place the following markup on,
> for example, Example.HomePage
> (:wikilist:)
> It may help you to look at a working system:
> http://www.wikipublisher.org/wiki/index.php?n=TipOfTheWeek.TipOfTheWeek
> This uses one of the advanced features, a ViewTemplate
> page, to control how individual pages are laid out. In
> this example, the list of entries is on
> TipOfTheWeek.TipOfTheWeek, the form is on
> TipOfTheWeek.NewTip, the form template is on
> TipOfTheWeek.FormTemplate and the view template is on
> TipOfTheWeek.ViewTemplate.
> Hope this helps
> JR
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