[pmwiki-users] Emergency site move advice needed

David Spitzley dspitzle at wash.k12.mi.us
Fri May 9 11:10:19 CDT 2008

My entire website has been inaccessible for three weeks, and a series of emails and phone calls to my webhosting company have gone unanswered; even their fax number doesn't pick up.  So, I'm looking to pull up stakes and move my domain somewhere more reliable ASAP. My primary requirements are

1)  FTP access
2)  PHP 4 or higher
3)  MySQL (mid 3 version or higher)
4)  Reliable customer support
5)  Support for ASP (not ASP.Net);  obviously, this requires a Windows server
6)  At least 1 Gig of storage for the account
7)  The ability to install apps of my choice

So, does anybody have any suggestions of good hosting services in the US meeting these relatively prosaic requirements?  I'm considering GoDaddy.com, but I have no idea how restrictive it is to use their service.


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