[pmwiki-users] Clean-ish URLs - how did I do it?

Allister Jenks newsletter at sittingduck.co.nz
Sat May 10 04:59:53 CDT 2008

I recently switched hosts and migrated several PmWiki based sites in the

On one site, I had the URLs forming as

Recently I inadvertently deleted my .htaccess file and everything stopped
working on this site.  I didn't realise what the problem was until my
hosting provider figured it out for me and put in a new .htaccess file.

So now my URLs are forming as http://www.site.com/Group/Page

It looks very nice, but there are a few hard-coded URLs around the site (in
some of my own scripts) which still use the longer form I had previously.

I've visited the Clean URLs recipe to see what I need to do but none of the
examples reflect what I had and I just can't get my head around what all
those rewrite rules are actually doing.

I would appreciate some help on this one.

The current .htaccess file looks like this:

# Use mod_rewrite to enable "Clean URLs" for a PmWiki installation.
RewriteEngine On
# Define the rewrite base.
RewriteBase /
# Send requests without parameters to pmwiki.php.
RewriteRule ^$           pmwiki.php  [L]
# Send requests for index.php to pmwiki.php.
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ pmwiki.php  [L]
# Send requests to pmwiki.php, appending the query string part.
RewriteRule ^([A-Z0-9\xa0-\xff].*)$ pmwiki.php?n=$1  [QSA,L]

I've looked at my backup that I used to move the site and it has a .htaccess
file but it is empty.  Is that what I need to make this happen??  Seems odd
to me.

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