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Maria McKinley parody at u.washington.edu
Tue May 13 15:08:00 CDT 2008

Thanks. This solves part of the problem, but the view, edit, etc.
links are attached to the header, so now they sit in the middle of the
page. Is there a way to place them separately?

Also, I am confused by the different ways that firefox and safari
treat the code. If I change the size of the header then safari moves
the view, edit links over, but the silly monkey stays in the same
place (with the text written on top of it, unfortunately), but in
firefox the monkey moves as well. In firefox the links are always
below the monkey, but in safari they stay in the black part where they

Please, don't feel obligated to spend too much time on this. It is
probably a problem unique to me, and not worth too much effort.

Yes, I know, I never quite understand the things that appeal to my 11 year old.


On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 12:46 PM, DaveG <pmwiki at solidgone.com> wrote:
> Maria McKinley wrote:
>> Thanks Dave, I increased the margin, but I don't have an
>> images/bg_top.gif. In the images folder are:
>> guiedit  sub_icon.gif  warning.gif
>> and in guiedit:
> It's in the color directory. In you case that would be
> marinee/color-green/images. However, see below...
>> There are other strange side affects of having the gif there. The gif
>> was sitting too low, so I tried moving up the header, but in Firefox,
>> this also moved up the View, Edit, etc links. In Safari, the links are
>> still in the same place, but the gif is on the left, and some of the
>> header is down below. I'm thinking this isn't worth it, and I should
>> tell her she should either pick a smaller gif or a different skin. If
>> you want to see the site:
>> http://www.shadlen.org/maria/tanika/pmwiki/
> The 'easiest' way around this is to specify a width for #headertext, around
> 300px. That way you can leave the body margin-top as it was (68px), and
> don't need to edit any of the background images.
> style.css (line 91)
> #headertext {
> font-size:2.2em;
> font-weight:bold;
> margin:0pt;
> width:300px;
> }
> Oh, and that monkey must die :)
>  ~ ~ Dave

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