[pmwiki-users] Session difficulties

Peter & Melodye Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Thu May 15 09:56:54 CDT 2008

Does anybody have any idea why this code:

Markup('setsess', '<{$var}',
function foo($s)
	echo "BEFORE: " . $_SESSION["foo"] . "<br>\n"; 
	$_SESSION["foo"] = $s; 
	echo "AFTER: " . $_SESSION["foo"] . "<br>\n";

With the (:setsess 111:) on Page1 and (:setsess 222:) on Page2 would result
in this on the FIRST entry into Page1:

===(snip Page1)===
AFTER: 111

And this on every other browse of Page1 or upon browsing Page2:

===(snip Page2)===
AFTER: 111
===(snip Page2)===

Note the "AFTER" value on Page2 even though Page2 explicitly set it to 222
-- once the value is set on page1 then it never gets changed again...

Any ideas?  It works on other servers so I'm thinking it's a setup issue,
but I don't have a clue where to look...


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