[pmwiki-users] NewsMaster

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Thu May 15 11:16:21 CDT 2008

I've just devoted a Cookbook page for a new recipe called NewsMaster.

It provides an easy way to handle newsletters, publicity lists,
notifications and other mailing need, with a lot of useful and handy
    - Flat files, no database required
    - Information Groups: users can choose what to receive informations about
    - Easy to set-up
    - Works with either php Mail() function, SendMail or SMTP
    - Multiple admins
    - Users can:
          - Subscribe
          - Unsubscribe
          - Modify their subscriptions, ie. changing their Information Groups
    - Administrator Page to manage:
          - Users (delete, restore)
          - Groups(create, delete, restore, hide to protect sensitive
          - Mails (compose and send, show outbox etc...)
    - Very intuitive way to select Recipients. You can send a Mail to
a single user, to some users, to one or more groups and so on.
    - Ability to send Mails in HTML, add attachments and so on, like
any mail client
    - Privacy Protection: user addresses are crypted
    - Import Users from other Mailing List Managers
    - Easy Backup
    - WYSIWYG HTML editor
    - Scheduling
    - Validation Email
    - Language packs
    - Statistics

Although major organizations would look at other solutions (like
phplist.com) for their need, smaller sites with some hundreds (up to a
three/four thousands) addresses in their contact list might well
benefit from this recipe.

This recipe is actually neither "developed on" nor "fully integrated
with" pmwiki but it works quite nice (and without hassle) next to it.
All I did was lifting the "ccmail" software from
http://www.cicoandcico.com/ (from which also the "features" list above
was taken, and to which I point your attention in case you want to
know more); also, I made some smaller changes before uploading the

There is a bug, a very important one: http://www.milw0rm.com/exploits/5433
I think that such a vulnerability could be easily patched: it seems
that a better cookie handling approach would solve the matter.

I introduced this recipe to the community:
a) to help people readily solve a possible mailing list need without effort;
b) to ask for some help in patching the cookie bug.
c) to see if anybody finds a way to integrate it with pmwiki.


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