[pmwiki-users] convert page from one charset to an other

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Fri May 23 03:25:28 CDT 2008

I found some threads about this (including my own posts), but not the 
final answer...

summary of the problem:

* leaving the default PmWiki setup as iso-8859-1 in a utf8 growing 
world gives some problems, but changing to utf8 also as PM very well 
described it

* main visible problem is that accented chars *in files names* gives 
ugly results in the file system, and specially makes the backup to 
optical media tedious, as the resulting name is refused by the cd/dvd 
file format.
  Fixes are:
  - use utf8 from the beginning (wiki pages about I18N should mention 
this visibly)
  - don't use accented chars in titles - is there a way to prevent 
this? in a world where correct orthograph is asked, it's very 
difficult to think about removing accents. Nearly impossible in 
multi-users environment
  - have a script fix the names (convmv do that) but how about the links?

* do convert the site.
  - adding the utf8 line in config.conf is easy
  - what happen to file names in this operation (I had few and fixed 
them by hand on the beginning)?
  - most pages become faulty - how can one convert all of them, 
without disturbing the special PmWiki format (script on the server?)

I have to do the last step (converting pages), and don't know how


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