[pmwiki-users] creating a image gallery on multiple servers with authorisation intact

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Fri May 23 11:48:20 CDT 2008

Back on list so that others can help:

--- Andrew Richardson
<Andrew.Richardson at intecbilling.com> wrote:

> I have a requirement to create an image gallery on
> my wiki, easy bit. The tricky bit is to have the
> reference the images from a remote windows file 
> server.  The windows file server is protected with a
> username/ password that can not be released to the
> public.  So in summary can PMWiki cater for this?  I

> have looked into the Auth functionality but it seems

> as if this is only applicable for restricting
> access to editing pages.  What I need is a way of
> passing an encrypted password to my windows server
> enable access to view the images on the remote 
> server.
> Hope this explains my dilemma further.

Yes, much more, thanks.

That does not sound like it is an easy task.  I still
need to know what you specifically mean by image
gallery though.  Are you using the term generically,
or do you have a specific photo album application like
google's gallery that you expect to use?

If you expect to use a specific album application this
may be very hard, but perhaps one of the already
existing image recipes has done the integration and
you would just need to hack it to be able to work
remotely.  This does not sound easy, but if you
mention which recipe specifically here, perhaps the
authors of that recipe could help you perform the

If you want to create your albums using pmwiki
mechanisms you can look at the Easy Gallery recipe as
a start and perhaps somehow use the Secure Attachments
recipe to grant access to the images hosted on the
windows machine.  

I hope this gives you an idea of where to start at



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